My Portfolio


Fresh is a modern, lightweight web framework designed around ease of use for developers of any profeciency. Creating custom websites is easier than ever, and the entire framework is fully customizeable. Using Fresh is as easy as linking the CDN or downloading the project from Github.

Fractyl Development

In early 2018, I helped found a local software development company. I developed the website, as well as user interface for their apps in production. Although I do not currently work with them, the software they are developing is crazy cool and innovative.


In early 2020, I created a card game based around dominos, entitled Domaniacal. I raised over $2,500 on Kickstarter to professionally create the game, and it is now for sale.

Client Website Development

Red Rice Project

Developed website for local technology competition group, focused on genetically modified rice.

Parker Food Rescue

Developed website for local non-profit dedicated to help reduce obesity in lower-income populations.

Waypoint Communications

Developed marking and internal website for newest FractylDev application in development.

The Morse Project

Developed the official website for Fractyl Development's first application, a morse code communication and learning app.