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My Portfolio

Past Projects

The Red Rice Project

In early 2018, I created a website for a biotechnology group proposing a theoretical genetically modified rice plant to help with anemia.

Red Rice Project Website
The Parker Food Rescue

I helped create a new website for the Parker Food Rescue, an organization designed to deliver fresh produce and food to people in need in the city.

Red Rice Project Website
The Morse Project

In early 2018, I helped create an android application with some of my friends for a technology competition, designed to vibrate your received SMS messages in Morse Code, allowing you to read the messages without pulling out your phone.

The Morse Project Page
The EDGE App

In 2016, I created a prototype application to help students in the Legend High School EDGE program schedule classes and get information. Although it was never published or used, It was the foundation for my interest in web and software development.

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Ongoing Projects


I am currently developing a CSS boilerplate/framework for small projects, websites, and portfolios. It is easy to download, use, and even modify, and it also uses JavaScript and JQuery to create even better animations, useability, and features, to allow your website to shine without the hassle of using large frameworks with huge learning curves.

More Info Fresh.CSS Github Repository

I am developing a Web/iOS application designed to help the learning curve in multilingual classrooms by translating assignments, lessons, and messages to each student’s primary language, rather than using the tedious task of translating back and forth in translation software designed for use between two users, rather than a classroom of students.

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